General beach rules

General information

  • Campfires and wild camping are strictly prohibited
  • Dogs are allowed on a lead on some beaches, prohibited on most beaches
  • Naturism is permitted on some beaches. 
  • Motorised vehicles are prohibited on beaches. The use of fat bikes is regulated.
  • Some beaches are accessible for people with reduced mobility
  • Burying people in the sand can be dangerous, it is better to build sandcastles. 
  • Jet skiing is prohibited within 300m of the coastSailing boats may be prohibited in some areas within 300m of the coast. Sailing is prohibited near swimmers and is limited to 5 knots within 300m of the coast. The use of motorised craft in lakes is limited to 5km/h and the designated access channels must be used (Decree No. 2018/090 of 28 June 2018). 
  • Rod and reel fishing is prohibited in the regulated zones when lifeguards are present. Net fishing is prohibited within 300m of the coast from 8.00am to 8.00pm from 1 June to 30 September (Decree No. 2019/030 of 16 May 2019).
Plage Mimizan

Keep an eye on your child

  • Watch your children at all times, they are more vulnerable to the specific dangers on the beaches in Les Landes. 
  • Swim with your children and hold their hands. 
  • ID bracelets are available at the lifeguard’s station.
Baignade avec les enfants Plages Landes

Safety and security rules

  • Check the weather conditions and the information boards at the lifeguards’ station.
  • Ask at the lifeguards’ station about any particular dangers and safety rules
  • Swim between the coloured flags (two horizontal strips in red and yellow) when lifeguards are present. 
  • Let your friends or family know when you go swimming. 
  • Follow the lifeguards’ safety rules in the swimming areas and regulated zones. 
  • Enter the water gradually to avoid a cold shock response.
  • Those taking part in water sports must be able to swim
  • Do not overestimate your physical ability or knowledge of the ocean.
  • Protect yourself from the sun, even in cloudy weather;
Surveillance des plages landaises par les nageurs sauveteurs

Water sports regulation

Local town councils are in charge of regulating water sports. The by-laws are posted at the lifeguards’ station and specified in the information on each of the beaches listed on Plages Landes.

Surfing is prohibited in swimming areas at all beaches. Swimming areas are strictly reserved for swimming only.

Dogs on beaches

In the Landes, 12 beaches officially allow dogs on a lead. Dogs are therefore prohibited on most beaches. Use the search engine “Find your perfect beach” on the home page.

Some beaches tolerate dogs in certain conditions.

Plages landaises avec chiens autorisés

Naturism on beaches 

Naturism is permitted on some beaches and tolerated in certain conditions on other beaches.

Plage du Cap de l'Homy à Lit-et-Mixe

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