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Weather in Vielle-Saint-Girons

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The weather will remain very overcast throughout the day.

About Vielle-Saint-Girons

Along its neighbour, Cap de l’Homy, Vielle-Saint-Gironsis one of the wildest beaches in the Landes and even in all of South-West France. A few shops and restaurants are packed into one small street which gives way to an exceptional panoramic view overlooking a huge sandy beach and ocean waves. Saint-Girons is also home to unusual houses built right on the dune, which are impressive when viewed from above. It also has a favourite beach for naturists thanks to the Arnaoutchot campsite and beach. Those who prefer to keep their swimsuit on can head for the central beach, La Lette Blanche, or the lake beach on the shores of Léon lake. Find all the information you need about swimming facilities and conditions here.
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The beaches of Vielle-Saint-Girons

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The surf schools of Vielle-Saint-Girons

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