Lifeguard services

Landes beaches are a great place for swimming and other activities but please be aware of local specificities to avoid accidents.

The beach warning flags

No flag: the beach is not monitored. According to local by-laws, swimming is either prohibited or permitted at the swimmers’ own risk.

All swimming information is posted at the entrance to the beach and/or the at lifeguards’ station.

At the lifeguards’ station

The mast indicating the colour of the beach warning flags is located near the lifeguards’ station.

 Swimming prohibited

 Swimming dangerous but monitored

 Swimming monitored, no particular danger

On the beach

 Swimming area monitored when the lifeguards’ station is open

 Water sports area


 Regulated area

Signs indicating specific dangers are topped with a little red flame

Swimming monitoring provided by the lifeguards

It is best to swim in the area monitored by the lifeguards between the coloured flags (two horizontal strips in red and yellow).

Watch out for friends and family, especially children, while in the water, so you can alert the lifeguards immediately in the event of danger.

The lifeguards’ stations are generally open from June to September (see the pages for each beach to find out the exact times and dates).

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