Plage centrale Hossegor

Plage Centrale (Océan)


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Plenty of sunshine in the morning, but the sky will cloud over during the day and this may give rise to some heavy showers.

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Photo de Plage Centrale (Océan)


Hossegor’s central beach is perfect for families. The swimming area is lifeguarded during the summer and it's a lively spot where children can make friends and have fun. Take a stroll on the pedestrian promenade right near by and enjoy the shops, cafés and restaurants. Several car parks are available along Boulevard de la Dune. However, due to its central position, this popular beach can become crowded during the summer.

Not to be missed:

Enjoy an evening drink on the delightful Place des Landais as you watch the sun set over the ocean.

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Baignez vous entre les drapeaux rouge et jaune


Qualité Tourisme

Beach informations

Pets not allowed
Picnic area
Parking - free
Bike parking
Motorhome parking
Accessible by stroller


  • Car parking
  • Motorhome parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Free
  • -
  • Free

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